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Perspectives, permutations and podcasting: an exploration of Web 2.0 applications for academic staff development at Durban University of Technology.

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dc.contributor.author Mistry, Gita
dc.date.accessioned 2013-12-03T09:15:10Z
dc.date.available 2013-12-03T09:15:10Z
dc.date.issued 2013-12-03
dc.identifier.uri http://exampapers.dut.ac.za/123456789/19
dc.description Paper presented at the ZA-WWW2010 Conference at the Graduate School of Business (UKZN), Durban (South Africa) September 21, 2010 – September 23, 2010
dc.description.abstract This paper examines the development of a ‘dynamic learning community’ (Wilson and Ryder, 1996) of podcasters at the Durban University of Technology, comprising of a diverse group of volunteer academics. The programme is designed to facilitate the personalization and utilization of social networks, exploration of patterns and layering of knowledge and skills (Siemens, 2006) over an existing profile of knowledge and skills related to the Blackboard LMS to offer new learning opportunities. Participants develop from listeners of podcasts to podcast designers and producers. Within the programme, the academics are encouraged to weave into their curriculated learning plans opportunities for informal learning, allowing learners to engage, direct and personalize their learning. This is done in numerous permutations, but ostensibly they provide a means of maintaining the structure, guidance and cognitive challenge required of higher education, whilst simultaneously embracing the user generated, distributed and personalised approach found in Web 2.0. This programme follows participant progress using Professor Salmon’s five- stage model of E-learning (2002:10-36). In addition the establishment of the ‘dynamic learning community’ (Wilson and Ryder, 1996) is monitored to see how all participants share control, and everyone learns, including the teacher or group leader (Wilson and Cole, 1997) in a higher education professional development environment. Data derived from observations, recorded conversations, online surveys and the personal reflective journals of podcasters are used to inform this paper and form part of the presentation. Analysis reveals that a change in the value system of the educator is implicit within the experience of the podcasting development programme. Moreover, embracing the digital culture is difficult without immersion and first hand experience of the adventure and challenge that it brings. en_US
dc.subject Web 2.0 applications en_US
dc.subject Higher education en_US
dc.subject Podcasting en_US
dc.subject Professional development en_US
dc.title Perspectives, permutations and podcasting: an exploration of Web 2.0 applications for academic staff development at Durban University of Technology. en_US
dc.type Presentation en_US
dc.contributor.faculty Academic Support en_US
dc.publisher.uri http://zaw3.co.za/index.php/ZA-WWW/2010

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